6 Common Fitness Myths Busted

The fitness world has more myths than Vogue has issues. These 6 myths are among the most prevalent and completely and utterly false…

Myth One: Anabolic Steroids Are Bad For You and Illegal.

Anabolic steroids get an undeserving bad rep. These workout enhancers can jumpstart your growth and increase strength. Anabolic steroids are usually bought online… and legally. When you buy from a reputable retailer, you can ensure that you are getting quality anabolic steroids that can help you to reach the goals that you want to reach.

Myth Two: I Should Eat Immediately After Working Out or I Worked Out for Nothing.

Some experts believe that eating directly after a workout with the right balance of carbs and proteins will help to replenish what your body needs to grow bigger. However, most experts say that eating 1-2 hours after is ok too. Some even suggest that as long as you are eating enough protein throughout the day on workout day… then the time does not matter much, if at all. If you feel nauseous after working out like some people, you probably do not want to eat immediately anyway. As long as you eat right through the day you should be fine.

Myth Three: I Have to Join a Gym to Get Truly Swole.

If you have the right equipment and know how to keep the right form… then there is no reason that you need a gym to get good results. In fact, some people feel that they can accomplish more at home because they do not feel self-conscious. Invest in good equipment and racks that make exercises safer. For bench presses ALWAYS have a spotter. If you do all this – you’ll be golden even without that Gold’s membership.

Myth Four: I Will Have to Eat Grilled Chicken Forever.

We admit it. Chicken really IS the best protein pack for after lifting. However, you can mix it up and keep things fresh in a variety of ways. Peanut butter packs a good protein punch. You will also find an obscene amount of it in Greek yogurt. You can even switch up your chicken routine with oriental sauces that change the flavor but not the protein inside.

Myth Five: I Need to Train Hard Everyday or I Will Get Smaller.

Overtraining is one of the most common mistakes of lifters. They are afraid that if they take a day or two off they will lose all that hard work. However, the truth is that your body needs these rest days to grow bigger and stronger. Thus, think of rest days just as hardcore as you think of lift days. Think like a bodybuilder and you will get a bodybuilder body.

Myth Six: Lifting Will Make a Girl Look Like a Dude.

Barbie weights are usually what you think of when you think of a girl lifting weights. This is because most women are afraid that lifting heavier weights will give them a man’s build. This is not true. When women lift heavier weights… they can work out in half the time without doing endless sets and reps. The pay off is much quicker too.

From anabolic steroids stories to lady lifter tall tales, the fitness world has its share of crazy myths… for now – you can consider these 6 busted.