Don’t Be That Dude: 7 Gym Weirdos That Embarrass Us All Using Prohormones in UK

The gym takes all kinds and if you recognize any of these gym weirdos… don’t be that guy!

Bar Building Bob: The Ladies Man With the Boring Routine

This guy is pretty much every young guy at the gym. He always takes the spot at the bar with the mirror and always proceeds to work on the muscles that he can see in the reflection. He seems really impressed with himself and he does it because he is hoping the ladies are impressed with him too. His exercise routine is basically press, pushdown, curl… repeat. If he sees another lifter watching he may toss in a lat pulldown to even the score. He also carries around those bottles of prohormones UK bodybuilders use before competition. He does not actually take them – but he likes to carry them for whatever reason.

Business Man Michael: The Guy Who Serious to Goodness Lifts in His Suit

We understand that sometimes things happen. You forgot your gym bag at the office. You are a CIA agent. Your wife left you and then left you with only one suit… but come on. You lift in your suit EVERYDAY? Why? Blazer, button down shirt, tie, matching belt and loafers… really? Loafers?! We don’t really know what to say here.

Chatty Charlie: The Where’s-Your-Mute-Button Dude

When someone talks to you while you are trying to finish a set you suddenly feel like Neo from The Matrix. You are now the chosen one and your mission is to shut this guy up fast. This guy wants to talk to you about the prohormones UK builders swear by, the best protein bulk out foods, his sister, his cousin, his dog and his rash… by the way – do you know what it might be? It itches. Anyway, this guy ruins the gym for everybody. So, if you are going to talk – do it when we are finished working out or else move down to the other bar.

Shadowboxing Rocky: The Guy Who Punches Air By the Barbells

Boxing is a really great way to stay fit but most gyms are not equipped for genuine boxing training. However, this does not stop Rocky from shadowboxing by the barbells 4 times a week. If you need to prepare for a fight – prepare for it but it do it somewhere that makes sense, Adrian.

Excuses Edward: The Guy Who Curses When He Cannot Finish a Set

This guy is really trying to get himself injured or something because he always loads the bar down with far too much weight. Then, he proceeds to barely make it to 4 reps and all with terrible form. He then drops the bar and mutters obscenities. He really thinks that everyone in the gym is offended that he cannot lift a small bus. Dude, most of us CANNOT lift a small bus. Remember, never make eye contact with this guy – he will feel like he needs to tell you why he cannot lift 600 pounds on a Monday. Had it been Tuesday… he could have done it.

Hulk Hogan From 1987: The Muscle Tee/Bandana Dude

This guy is seriously legit AF. Really – he is usually larger than huge and you can already tell that he could kick your butt. He is on the kind of prohormones UK pro-lifters stock pile and he lifts more than you can fathom. The problem is that he is wearing one of those terrible rippable muscle tees that says “Macho Man”. He has a yellow bandana tied around his head and he is sporting those Mucha Lucha boots that make you feel like you are lost in 1987. It is not a money issue either. You saw this guy at the mall and he straight up bought it all on purpose. Avoid that store. Don’t be that guy.

Karma Kenny: The Guy Who Loads the Bar and Leaves

There is that one guy who comes in, loads the bar down to 350 and then has his friend assist him lifting it. Then, he leaves. He straight up gets up and leaves, leaving all 350 pounds of weight on the bar. This guy is a real clown. Karma saw what you did there, Kenny. You’re next.

From the 1987 wrestling lunk to the guy who is just here for the ladies, the gym is full of weirdos for your viewing pleasure. The only thing we forgot to mention was tight pants guy but that does not need a full paragraph. Tight pants guy, if you are out there and you think your pants are too tight… just even a little… GET NEW PANTS. Don’t be that guy.