Tips To Increase Your Squat

The barbell squat is one of the most important exercises and you should include it in your fitness program. If you already do squats, you may be wondering what can you can do to increase the weight you currently do. Lucky for you, there are numerous things you can do, such as:

1. Perform Your One Rep Max Often And Increase It
Your one rep max is the most weight you can possibly do for a single rep, and if you want to squat more, then start performing your one rep max at the end of each leg workout. For example, do your normal leg workout and after you complete it, go and do your one rep max on the barbell squat. Do this for the next few weeks, and do it at the end of two more workouts, not just at the end of your leg workout. Try your best to increase the amount you do. Continue to do this over the course of 3-4 weeks and then you should be able to squat more weight and for more reps.

2. Gain Upper Back Strength
If you don’t have a strong upper back, the chances are you’re not squatting as much as you could if you did have a strong upper back. What you want to do is gain as much upper back strength as possible, and eventually you should be able to squat a lot more weight. Whatever upper back routine you decide to try, make sure each workout involves barbell rows and pull-ups, as well as seated cable rows chin-ups. Train your upper back twice per week and make sure you use heavy weight on all the exercises you do and try to increase the amount of weight you do as you progress in your workout.

Train your upper twice per week for the next 4-5 weeks. After you have done this, go and try to squat more than you normally do.

3. Consume Good Carbs Before Training
Good carbs, or complex carbs, from healthy foods can improve your overall strength levels. This is because good carbs provide you with lasting energy that comes in handy at the gym. You don’t need to eat a heavy meal before working out, but if you consume complex carbs before training your legs, you should be able to lift heavier.

Some of the best things to eat before a leg workout includes oatmeal, whole grain pasta or fruit such as grapes, tangerines, bananas and things of that nature. Also, try to eat something with good carbs in it about 30 minutes before training legs. If you do this every single time you train legs, eventually you should be able to squat more weight.

4. Do Squats Last Not At All For A Few Weeks
Another good way to squat more weight is to do squats last in your leg workout, but only for about 3-4 weeks. Still try to do as much weight as you possibly can. Once 3-4 weeks have passed, then do squats for the first exercise in your leg workout. You should be able to squat significantly more weight.

Another thing you can do is quit doing barbell squats for 3-4 weeks and do machine squats or leg presses, but go as heavy as you possibly can. After 3-4 weeks have gone by, then start doing squats again.

Remember, when it comes to fitness, food plays a huge role in gaining strength and so does supplements. If you try the above tips and advice, and you eat right and take the right supplements, then you’ll be squatting more weight in no time.